Brief Thoughts on the Reasoning and Debate Skills of People Who Post Rants on Facebook

It is always amusing that people post illogical rants on Facebook and expect an echo chamber in the comments section while pretending to be unbiased. On the other hand, Facebook is so full of annoying and unoriginal memes with words pasted on images that I usually visit with News Feed Eradicator (Chrome add-on) enabled. However, when I engage the illogical ranter, I always lose an alleged friend who proceeds to make ad-hominem attacks without addressing any contentious issues, and concludes by telling me to “fuck off” while simultaneously claiming to have the moral high ground. I cannot help but wonder whether this audacious level of hypocrisy is a Central Florida phenomenon.

Facebook does not offer a way to disable comments on posts. If you want a way to post contradictory and illogical rants without dissent, I would suggest a personal website or a blog with comments disabled.

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