Notice of Intent Not to Complete Financial Literacy Course

I’m not going to complete my online, self-paced, self-graded Introduction to American Personal Financial Literacy course, which is about two-thirds complete based on the March 2016 outline. I also won’t be completing nor publishing the Udemy draft course.

Originally, I intended to complete the course as part of my Capstone projects for my Applied Learning & Instruction M.A. at University of Central Florida in the spring 2016 semester. However, in March 2016, my professor was so impressed with my draft submission that she said I didn’t need to do any additional work to graduate. I intended to complete the course later, initially by April, then June, then August, and then December 2016, but did not actually take any action after the 2016-03-23 draft.

In the Education Ph.D., Instructional Technology program at University of Central Florida, I am learning about instructional systems design (ISD), which reveals that my approach to constructing the course was neither systematic nor aligned. While the literature reflects a need for a financial literacy course grounded in ISD and research on personal financial outcomes, given that I am rather competent and self-disciplined, building such a course obviously doesn’t intrinsically motivate me, because if it did, I would have been actively working on it over the past half-year.

My explicit decision to not complete the course comes late, but does not have to be framed as a failure. In fact, if I had announced up-front to myself and others, after contributing enough to complete my Master of Arts degree, that I had no intention of going any further with the project, the project’s situation would be identical now, sans procrastination and failure to keep my word. I feel relieved I am letting go of any personal pressures to complete the course, and this will serve as a learning experience for me to, in the future, not commit to things I have lost interest in or am not actually going to do.

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