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Letters from a Floridian is a new newsletter by Dr. Richard Thripp of Volusia County, Florida, modeled after Professor Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American, with a focus on the corruption and authoritarian ambitions of Republicans in Florida—most notably Governor Ron DeSantis. Dr. Thripp was born and raised in the Daytona Beach area and is an accomplished educator, former Republican, husband and father, former congressional candidate, and former Chair of the Volusia County Democratic Party.

Academic Editing by Richard Thripp, PhD

I founded Thripp Enterprises, LLC to offer academic / thesis / dissertation editing specializing in educational and social sciences. I am an experienced editor of published academic books, conference proceedings, dissertations, peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and more, mainly in social sciences and education in APA style.

Please email if you are interested. Please include details relating to your project. I can help at all stages of the editing process as well as coaching, feedback, and guidance at earlier stages including conceptualization and research design.

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FTCE and FELE Tutoring by Dr. Richard Thripp

I am offering tutoring for the FTCE and FELE (Florida Teacher Certification Exams and the leadership exams to be an assistant principal) at $100 per hour. This can be done over Zoom, or in-person in the Orlando, FL area. Please complete this Google Form:

Dr. Richard Thripp’s FTCE/FELE Tutoring Intake Form

I am a certified Florida teacher in these areas: Business Education 6–12, Computer Science K–12, Educational Media Specialist PK–12, Elementary Education K–6, Engineering and Technology Education 6–12, English 6–12, English for Speakers of Other Languages K–12, Exceptional Student Education K–12, Family and Consumer Sciences, General Science 5–9, Marketing 6–12, Mathematics 5–9, Mathematics 6–12, Music K–12, and Social Science 6–12; Reading Endorsed (via exam)

I have a PhD in Education in the Instructional Design & Technology track from University of Central Florida and have taught educational technology at the university level, social studies at the high school level, and exceptional student education, civics, math, and science at the middle school level.

I have also passed the FELE in its entirety but am not certified in Educational Leadership due to not having completed a Master’s or modified program in educational leadership.

I am offering to tutor for the FTCE and FELE at a rate of $100 / hour. Although this is higher than many tutors, you will be more successful under my guidance.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot discuss actual exam questions. It is a violation of the testing confidentiality agreement to do so and may have civil, criminal, and teacher licensure consequences. However, we can use the exam blueprint and sample questions from the state website, which are quite detailed and are best aligned with what you will encounter on the exams. I also focus on test-taking strategies. If you have already taken the exam and did not pass, we cannot discuss specific items, but we can use your detailed performance analysis from your score report.

Optional but helpful: Include the specific subject-area exam(s) you are studying for (if any), the specific sub-tests of the General Knowledge exam you are studying for (if applicable), and write about what study materials you are using now, what you are doing well at, and what you are having trouble with.

Your Homework

I will still tutor you even if you don’t do your homework, but you’ll get the best value for your money if you complete this homework before meeting with me.

Prior to the tutoring session, please use this website to do the following:

1. Review the exam blueprint(s) in detail
2. Take notes on areas of concern
3. Review the sample questions and try your best at answering them. Don’t reveal the answer until after you have taken your best guess, and take notes of the questions you miss. Each exam has from 15 to 90 sample questions (most have 30). Bring these notes to your tutoring session.
4. If your exam has an essay component, there will be a sample prompt available and it is advisable to write an essay for practice under exam conditions (timed, and do not use Google or spellcheck). Bring your essay to the tutoring session with Dr. Thripp.

To access the exam blueprint:
1. Click the exam name.
2. Under “Resources,” click “View the content resource materials available for this test”
3. Click “Competencies and Skills and Blueprint”

To access the sample questions:
1. Click the exam name.
2. Under “Resources,” click “View the content resource materials available for this test”
3. Click “Test Format and Sample Questions”
4. Click “Begin” (blue button) at bottom-right.

If your exam has multiple sub-tests, there is a blueprint and sample questions available for each. Please review all of them.

Please fill out this Google Form if you are interested:
Dr. Richard Thripp’s FTCE/FELE Tutoring Intake Form

Dropping Out of Congressional Race

November 16, 2021

With a heavy heart, I have decided to withdraw my 2022 candidacy for the United States House of Representatives for Florida’s 6th district.

Thank you to the many donors and volunteers who supported this campaign over the past few months. All donations benefitted the Florida Democratic Party for purchase of voter data access, and I believe I can share this with a new Democratic candidate for this seat. Last year, following our loss in the Democratic primary, we were approved to share data access with the Democratic nominee in this manner. If you are interested in running, please talk with me and with Dr. Joyce Cusack, Chair of the Campaign Committee of the Volusia County Democratic Party.

I will continue to support Democratic candidates in Volusia County and beyond, such as our friend John Navarra who is running for State House District 26. However, Kristy and I have decided that the pressures of a congressional campaign are not right for our family over the coming year.

Dr. Richard Thripp