End of Congressional Campaign; Thanks to Our Wonderful Volunteers!

August 21, 2020

We lost the August 18th, 2020 Democratic primary for Florida’s 6th congressional district by 3%. We are very sad, but this was a strong showing for a first-time candidate. We are proud of the 28,615 votes we received and your support! We will be continuing our work toward Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, universal basic income, and making Donald Trump a one-term president. Thank you all for taking a chance on a complete political newcomer and reformed Republican.

Like many campaigns, I financed some of our operations with personal loans. Please feel free to continue to donate or to leave your recurring monthly contribution in place if you would like to help. We are very proud of the movement we built as political newcomers on a shoestring budget.

During the campaign, we established a campaign website at ThrippForCongress.com and redirected Thripp.com there. I have now restored access to the home page of Thripp.com and will continue writing materials, endorsements, and more here. We also suppressed Thripp.com’s placement in Google Search results in order to avoid cannibalizing our traffic. I will be undoing this shortly. I do want to preserve the campaign website as well. Great thanks to Emily Humphrey for designing our website, campaign literature, and so many other phenomenal materials, my wife Kristy, well over 150 donors, and our many volunteers (please let me know if I forgot you):

Abbey, Adrienne, Alyssa, Amber, Andrew, Anita, Anne, Ashlynn, Augustina, Barbara E., Barbara M., Becca, Bernard, Bill, Britney, Bud, Cait, Cam, Carolyn, Cat, Charlie, Chelsea P., Cheyenne, Chris G., Chrissy H., Christina C., Christina R., Christine P., Clara, Clayton, Corinne D. C., Corinne H., Cory T., Courtney, Cristina, Danny F., Danny M., David A., David B., Dawn, Deanna, Denise, Denzel, Devon, Diana, Elena, Elliott, Eliza K., Elizabeth A. H., Elizabeth L., Elizabeth M., Emily G., Eric, Erik, Evans, Frank, Freddie, Gelasia, Grace, Greg, Henry, Hope, Hugh, Jack, Jackie, James, Janis, Jenne P., Jennifer A., Jennifer B., Jen K., Jennifer M., Jessica, Jill, Joe, John N., Jonathan D., Jon H., Joseph, Joshua Ke. Josh Kr., Joshua F., Kairo, Kasper, Kat P., Katlyn S., Keith, Kim H., Kim N., Kim O., Klaus, Kristina, Kyra, Lilian, Lindsay, Liz, Lynn, Mark S., Mark W., Marty, Mary B., Mary T., Maryrose, Matthew, Max, Melissa, Mike C., Michael K., Michelle P., Michelle R., Mitchell, Molly, Montana, Moriah, Nancy H., Nikki, Nina, Pamela, Patrick, Paul G., Paul M., Peter, Pranav, Quinton, Rebecca, Reka, Richard W., Richelle, Robert A., Rob F., Rob M., Rob S., Rose, Ryan, Sam, Sandra, Scott, Seth, Sierra, Sue, Susan, Thomas D., Thomas M., Tim, Tracy, Travis, Tricia, Troy, Valerie, Victoria, Wendy, William B., and William S.

Thank you so much to Dr. Tim Wilson, Dr. Wendy Anderson, Dr. Gary Mottola, Volusia for Justice, Our Revolution: Volusia, New Blue Florida, St. Johns for Bernie, Flagler for Bernie, The Hill of Roses, Florida for Bernie, the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida, Progressives for Democracy in America: Central Florida Chapter, the National Solidarity Movement, Our Revolution: Florida, and the Make Room PAC for endorsing me. Thank you to Moms Demand Action and 90 for 90 for listing me as a Gun Sense Candidate and supporter of voting rights.

Thanks to Ambassador Nancy Soderberg, former congressman Alan Grayson, Volusia DEC Chair Jewel Dickson, Flagler DEC Chair Michael Cocchiola, St. Johns DEC Chair Nell Seymour Toensmann, and Lake County DEC Candidate Committee Chair Jane Hepting for encouragement, support, and advice.

Mr. Clint Curtis and I are scheduled to meet on Sunday, August 23, 2020 to discuss what we could do to support him as the Democratic nominee, including transferring our NGP VAN DNC VoteBuilder Florida license to his campaign. The 6th district heavily favors Republicans. We would like to see him run a strong campaign so that Rep. Waltz, a total Trump shill and partisan hack who doesn’t live in or know his district, has to expend resources defending his seat.

Dr. Richard Thripp

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