You Earned It. Now, Your Social Security Is Under Siege.

Social Security is under siege. You worked hard all your life to pay into Social Security. Now, Donald Trump is saying “that’s actually the easiest of all things” to cut because “it’s such a big percentage” of the federal budget.

Sadly, our congressman, Michael Waltz, agrees 100%. In August 2018, he had this to say about Social Security:

“Our debt is our biggest, I think, one of our biggest national security issues. It is a burden on our future generation, our kids and our grandkids, and we have to get a hold of it. The way to get a hold of it, and, and, this is what we’re gonna have to do, we’re gonna have to go after the non-discretionary portion: The entitlement reform portion. We’re nibbling around the edges with all of these other cuts. That’s the part that we have to go over. We need politicians that get up there and have the guts to go after it.

This rhetoric about your kids and grandkids isn’t even true. Top earners only pay Social Security tax on their first $137,700 of wages. By adjusting this cap, we can fully fund Social Security through the year 2100 and beyond. Social Security does not add to our national debt. Anyone who tells you it does is lying to you.

Florida’s 6th district deserves a congressman who protects Social Security. That’s why we need to send Richard Thripp to Congress—a local, born in Daytona Beach who has lived in Volusia County his entire life. Richard will fight to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. Richard knows how important Social Security is to our senior citizens and to our local economy. Please contribute today to help elect Richard to Congress to represent Florida’s 6th district!

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