Fundraising Pitch for Richard Thripp for Congress to Bernie Supporters

I saw another congressional candidate posted in the Wholesome Bernieposting Facebook group, a nationwide group with 4,032 members. I submitted this for review. I’m not sure if they will allow the fundraising pitch but I will remove it if not.

I’m a progressive Democrat running for Congress in Florida’s 6th district. I’m endorsed by Volusia for Bernie and Our Revolution: Volusia and endorse Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

A little about me:

Dr. Richard Thripp is a 28-year-old husband, father, and university instructor who is running for Congress as a progressive Democrat in Florida’s 6th district which centers around Daytona Beach, where Richard was born and raised. He advocates for expanding Medicaid as a step toward Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and a universal basic income. Richard has a team of volunteers behind him to flip the 6th district blue, which suffers widespread poverty, low-wage jobs, and a tenuous tourism economy that has been left behind by Republican leadership.

About this race:

Defeating Rep. Michael Waltz in November 2020 is like blowing up the Death Star. Nobody thinks we have a snowball’s chance in hell. When we succeed, it will be like dropping an atomic bomb on the Republi-con party. This is Governor Ron DeSantis’s former district, after all.

Here’s a little fundraising pitch I wrote today… I can remove this if that’s not allowed here. I need volunteers, too. I already have a team of volunteers including a rockstar campaign manager and local Bernie supporters. I’m in touch regularly with my predecessor (Ambassador Nancy Soderberg) and all of the local Democratic leadership.

When Ambassador Soderberg lost #FL06 in 2018, she left behind a power vacuum.

A 28-year-old teacher educator is now the shoo-in for the Democratic nomination.

We need to make a ruckus.

Rep. Michael Waltz is a swamp monster.

We can WIN.

Please donate today.

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