Message to My Volunteers, April 25, 2020

To my volunteers:

April 25, 2020

Hi everyone,

Thanks for offering to volunteer for my Congressional campaign for Florida’s 6th district.

We have just qualified and my only primary competitor is quite weak, so we have a strong shot at winning the Democratic nomination in August 2020. Then we will do our best to vote Michael Waltz out of office.

As you may have heard, Alan Grayson has jumped in the race, but only as a write-in, with the rationale to make sure Waltz has opposition so he can’t frank mail in the last 90 days. I like this idea, but it makes no sense here because Waltz is opposed. We liked it so much that my wife Kristy Thripp is now running as a write-in for the 2nd district in order to stop Neal Dunn from franking mail.

I’ve been endorsed by Volusia for Bernie, and we have several other interesting news items coming up! Also, we’ll be able to have you guys do phone and text banking soon.

Feel free to reach out anytime.

Dr. Richard Thripp
Progressive Democrat for U.S. Congress (#FL6)

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