Spring Break / Coronavirus Update for My UCF Students

A message to my students in my online course on educational technologies at University of Central Florida:

Hi class,

I’m working on catching up on grading now. I hope you are all enjoying spring break. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know about the novel coronavirus pandemic we are now facing. Please take precautions. We are lucky this new virus does not target healthy young college students like the 1918 flu, but the danger for seniors and those with health problems is quite high. Therefore, steps to distance yourself from others and stay at home are important not only for your health, but older adults and those whose health is fragile. Young children in particular can have COVID-19 but show no symptoms while simultaneously being highly contagious to others.

As this course is already online, you can continue to work on assignments like before. Please note that the quizzes and Choose 3 of 5 assignments are all due 4/26/2020 and the due dates listed are merely suggestions; however I urge you to get as much work done as quickly as you can in case something unexpected happens such as having to take care of a relative. Please do not wait until the last week to start working. I will be sending out messages in late March or early April to any students who have a lot of work left to do. The next firm due date is the Microsoft Excel Gradebook assignment due 4/05/2020.

UCF has announced that all courses are moving online for at least two weeks after spring break ends. If you have face-to-face or mixed-mode courses, your instructors are working feverishly to move everything into Webcourses and figure out ways to adapt for items such as classroom activities and student teaching. You may see them using Zoom or Adobe Connect in place of lectures. Fully online courses and some mixed-mode courses resume on Monday, 3/16/2020, and face-to-face courses resume as fully online courses on Wednesday, 3/18/2020 and remain fully online until further notice.

Please keep up the good work and let me know if you are facing any hardships requiring special consideration.

Dr. Thripp

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