Letter to Elizabeth Warren Asking Her to Endorse Bernie Sanders

I sent this to Elizabeth Warren on March 6, 2020 via her contact form. Please share.

Hi Dr. Warren,

I’m writing to ask you to endorse Bernie Sanders. I look up to your work with the CFPB. I did my dissertation on preservice teacher financial knowledge and was inspired by you and others to run for Congress here in Florida’s 6th district, championing universal healthcare, climate action, and making our society equitable again in light of unprecedented privilege and wealth stratification. Joe Biden is not the right candidate, neither to guide us toward these ends nor to beat Donald Trump. Wall Street is lining up for Joe. Health insurance stocks are soaring following his blow-out performance on Super Tuesday. I implore you—your agenda is Bernie’s agenda and the agenda of the American people, and he needs all the help he can get. As a 28-year old husband and father to a precious 1-year-old baby boy, I know that Bernie is, at this point, our only hope toward a Green New Deal that can save our children’s future by putting American might behind green technologies to dramatically reduce costs via economies of scale that will spread worldwide to make fossil fuels unprofitable, even without addressing their atmospheric costs. Bernie needs your endorsement NOW, before the next round of primaries on March 10, 2020. His presidency will make a tremendous difference for downtrodden, disadvantaged, and forgotten Americans, as well as people worldwide, including our young people, girls and women, people of color, those with disabilities, and the financially disadvantaged. Thank you for reading.

Dr. Richard Thripp

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