Update on My Campaign Thus Far, February 23, 2020

A Facebook friend asked me how my campaign is going thus far and I wrote this.

I think I’m doing pretty well being that I started as an unknown last month and have no staff or volunteers. I don’t have signs and haven’t begun to canvas. It’s tough because I teach online at UCF too and have a baby, and need to learn how to canvas and also handle many other items like getting logos designed, signs and literature, et cetera, plus I’m probably going to a bit too many Democratic club meetings and events. Of course, I need to improve my fundraising skills too. I did just get a $25 monthly recurring donation from a Daytona Beach lady and have raised $305 so far plus will put in $10,440 of my own money for the ballot access fee and some other monies not to exceed $10,000.

There are no other Democratic challengers who have emerged, so as-of present I am confident I will defeat Clint Curtis in the primary and become the Democratic nominee for Florida’s 6th Congressional district. Even if I don’t defeat Michael Waltz I’ll have a large platform then to help the Democratic nominee for president (most likely Bernie Sanders). Candidates must qualify by 4/24/2020 with their payment of $10,440 or 5,479 petitions submitted by 3/23/2020, and the primary is on 8/18/2020.

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