Northeast Volusia Democratic Photo and Recent Tweets on Corporate Welfare, Medicaid Restrictions, and Climate Crisis

Richard Thripp, Paul, and Clint Curtis at recent meeting

Great meeting at the Northeast Volusia Democratic Club last night (January 23, 2020). I gave a good speech but forgot to have it filmed. 😐 Next time. Pictured here from left to right: Richard Thripp (me), Paul, an environmental advocate, and my opponent in the Democratic primary for Florida’s 6th Congressional district, Clint Curtis.

Here are several of my recent tweets against corporate welfare, Medicaid restrictions in Florida, and denial of the climate crisis:

Now thanks to tax cuts and giveaways to the rich and massive military spending, Trump is putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block, restricting access to ACA subsidies, SNAP, and more. Remember he promised a balanced budget… But no one remembers now.

This latest move shows that Republicans are not pro-life at all. We can’t let adults who qualify receive Medicaid unless they apply in the same month when we could offer 90 days retroactivity? They might not be conscious or able within the same calendar month leading to crushing debt.

Remember that without health insurance you get billed the HIGHEST rates. An air ambulance could get billed to Medicaid/Medicare or health insurance at a negotiated rate of $6,000 but they will send an uninsured person a $50,000 bill. Medical debt causes MANY bankruptcies.

Those who say the Green New Deal is radical and impossible should take note: The situation we have now is SUICIDE. Radical planet-wide reductions in CO2 and other greenhouse gases as well as sequestration should have begun at least 30 years ago! Many have & will suffer and die.

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