Nancy Soderberg at Flagler Beach, FL Women’s March, January 18, 2020

My son got in the way a bit so I took two separate clips totaling 6 minutes.

I am running as a Democrat for Congress in Florida’s 6th district as Ambassador Soderberg did in 2018, focused on the climate crisis, healthcare, education, and equity, including fair taxation and stopping giveaways to the wealthy and corporations.

Nancy is amazing and far better qualified, but she does not want to run again and I believe Michael Waltz should not be allowed to just waltz into a 2nd term without giving him a fight. He is anti-abortion whereas I support women’s rights and access to abortion and contraceptives.

I am 2 months older than AOC was when she ran, and am younger than all present members of Congress. I have a Ph.D. in Education from University of Central Florida where I focused on measuring and suggesting ways to improve the financial knowledge of future teachers, and am a teacher educator who has taught nearly 300 students at UCF about technology and pedagogy.

I would appreciate any campaign contributions you can provide which can be made online via ActBlue with a credit or debit card, and will go toward getting my message out.

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