Correspondence with undergraduate student who is a potential future professor

I shared this with one of my students who is potentially a future professor:

That is wonderful. Let me know if you want any guidance on your career. If your goal is to be a tenure-track assistant professor of exceptional education it will be a long journey but possibly very fulfilling and it’s possible to arrive with very little student loan debt depending on whether you can live with parents, other family, or roommates. We have an Exceptional Education Track in the Education Ph.D. program here at UCF [University of Central Florida]. I did my Education Ph.D. in the Instructional Design & Technology track here with full funding as a Graduate Teaching Assistant/Associate which includes free tuition, health insurance, and pay of $18,500 per year. You have to get your Bachelor’s and Master’s first and you may also want to teach K–12 for 2–3 years because many professor openings require this.

– Dr. Thripp

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