Correspondence About My Candidacy to a Voter–Candidate and Journalist; New & Improved Business Card

An email by me regarding the importance and potential of my candidacy for FL CD6 to a fellow voter/candidate and local journalist:

Hi Richard and Mark,

Remember that Obama won both Flagler and Volusia counties in 2008… pretty surprising given the huge margin Trump won these counties by in 2016. Some blame a lack of ground game among the Democrats, among other factors.

Why would I run in another district or as an NPA? NPA would split the race 3 ways. I was born in Daytona Beach and have lived in Volusia county my whole life. It makes no sense to run in another district. CD4 is much less favorable (R+17 compared to R+7 here) yet Donna Deegan is running a serious campaign with over $200,000 raised and has primary challengers. The only person presently running against me is Clint Curtis and I have a better shot than him, I think. It will be national news when I win the Democratic nomination for CD6 (assuming a corporate candidate does not emerge).

I don’t think this is a waste of time and money. I’m influencing the dialog. I also think Michael Waltz has been doing much more social media and district events lately because of me. Ambassador Soderberg failed to hammer him on his having the “guts” to cut Social Security and Medicare. I think this is a very important issue to voters here. Waltz also has many skeletons according to what I’ve heard, and did anti-Trump TV ads in 2016. He and many other Republicans have basically changed parties, even though they are still R’s, being that they are all Trump-bots now.

Richard Thripp, Ph.D.
Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress (FL-06)
Adjunct Faculty, University of Central Florida

Also, check out this new business card my wife and I designed! I gave these away at today’s Welcome Back event at Daytona State College’s main campus (January 29, 2020). Please share with others.

New Thripp business card, 1/29/2020

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