Congratulations to Dr. Vaughn M. Bradley for Publication of Book on Parents Helping Their Kids With Middle School Math

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Congrats, Dr. Vaughn M. Bradley!

I co-edited his new book, Middle School Parents’ Beliefs Regarding Learning Management System Use in Mathematics, published by International Society for Technology, Education & Science, ISBN 9781952092060.

His book researched how nine middle school parents helped their kids with their math homework in their school’s learning management system, EdLine (now Blackboard).

I co-edited his book with Dr. Ismail Sahin. I edited Chapters 1 and 3, and most of the references.

This book is based on his 2018 Education PhD dissertation at Walden University, and will help his work reach a wider audience.

Dr. Bradley's Book Information Page

Reference in APA 7th edition style:

Bradley, V. M. (2020). Middle school parents’ beliefs regarding learning management system use in mathematics. The International Society for Technology, Education and Science.

Book description, written by Dr. Bradley:

Middle school is a critical time in students’ learning of mathematics, something a Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to help parents support. What remains unknown is how parents use an LMS to monitor their children’s progress in mathematics. This qualitative case study explored how parents from one midAtlantic middle school with 543 students used an LMS, EdLine, to support their children’s autonomous achievement in mathematics. Expectancy-value theory and social cognitive theory made up the conceptual framework used to evaluate study findings. A criterion-based process was used to select nine middle school parents from grades 6, 7, and 8 as participants. Data sources included structured interviews and follow-up questions, EdLine spreadsheets, and parent reflective journals. Data were analyzed through a priori codes based on the literature review. Themes that emerged from the analysis included reoccurring learner autonomy and parents benefiting from their ability to use EdLine to monitor grades, check progress, and provide strategies to support mathematical achievement. Parents indicated they could encourage their children, teach them, and expect them to use EdLine to monitor and manage their grades and achievement in mathematics. This research contributes to positive social change by explaining how administrators can help middle school parents use an LMS to become engaged with their children’s mathematics studies and set expectations for their mathematics task completion and achievement.

Dr. Bradley's Walden University Announcement

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Dr. Bradley's Book on ISTES Website

Clearing Up Misconceptions of the Coronavirus Stimulus Payments

Someone on Twitter asked: “So the stimulus checks they are sending are technically an advance refund of 2020 taxes?!?!”

My response:

Not true (in the way people are thinking). The law creates a refundable tax credit (economic impact payment) for the 2020 tax year.

What you get now is an advance on that credit you would otherwise get as your tax refund in 2021 (for your 2020 tax filing), like Obamacare’s Advance Premium Tax Credit.

You might be getting more money back in 2021 for your 2020 tax refund. For instance, if you had a child during 2020, or during 2019 but didn’t file yet, you won’t get $500 for that child now, but you will be able to get that $500 on next year’s tax refund.

To clarify, a “refundable” tax credit is IRS lingo for free money.

For instance, the Earned Income Tax Credit is fully refundable.

The Child Tax Credit is $2,000, but only $1,400 is refundable.

The new coronavirus tax credit is $1,200 per adult and $500 per child, and is fully refundable.

The additional money on your 2020 tax refund IS the coronavirus economic impact payment. They are sending advance payments of this tax credit now.

If you make less than $75,000 per person in 2020 but more on your past tax return, you should get more money on your 2020 tax refund.

Here is an authoritative source confirming what I have stated.

“The rebate is actually an advance on a tax credit that you may claim on your 2020 tax return. If your income is lower in 2020 than in 2019, any additional credit you are eligible for will be refunded or reduce your tax liability when you file your 2020 tax return next year.”

My Promise to Introduce New Articles of Impeachment Against President Donald J. Trump

I will introduce new, symbolic articles of impeachment against Donald J. Trump on January 3, 2021, even though he will be leaving office on January 20, 2021. There will be one article about his abuses of power in firing Alexander Vindman, Yevgeny Vindman, Brett Crozier, Michael Atkinson, and others. There will be another regarding his violations of the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution for various financial crimes such as foreign dignitaries staying at his properties and paying handsomely, charging $650 per night for the Secret Service’s lodging at Mar-a-Lago to protect him, and so forth.

Please note that the February 2020 court defeat for emoluments violations stated only that the Democrats who sued Donald Trump lacked legal standing—it said nothing about the emoluments violations themselves. Articles of impeachment have never been precluded regarding Trump’s emoluments violations, and impeachment is the Constitutionally defined method to seek redress.

The Great Democratic American Comeback: Seeking the Endorsement of Pete Buttigieg’s Win the Era PAC

I am seeking an endorsement from Pete Buttigieg’s new Win the Era PAC for my race for Florida’s 6th Congressional district. Here, I lay out a case for my endorsement and my vision of the Great Democratic American Comeback in 2020.

April 4, 2020


I am a progressive Democrat running for Congress in Florida’s 6th district (Daytona Beach area). This is an R+7 district and the incumbent is Lt. Col. Michael Waltz, probably Trump’s favorite Congressman. There is only one other Democrat running and he’s a perennial candidate who has never won an election.

I’m a 28-year-old teacher educator, husband, and father. I have not been politically active before, but have delayed a promising career in academia due to feeling a call to serve. I am advocating for healthcare for all, a universal basic income, and a Green New Deal to invest in the American people and face the existential threat of the climate crisis. My candidacy and this district meets the five criteria your new PAC has set to support down-ballot candidates.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, I think the failures of the Republican party and crony capitalism have been laid bare, at immense cost to Americans in terms of a death toll that may surpass the Vietnam War or worse, as well as to the prosperity of hard-working Americans who have been victimized by corporate privilege and immense wealth stratification aided and abetted by our governments at all levels.

Electorally, 2020 is now a total wildcard and this “safe” Republican district I am running in (FL CD 6), as well as many others, might become blue, as they were for Obama in 2008. Money cannot buy this Congressional seat—Ambassador Nancy Soderberg ran here in 2018 with stellar qualifications, an early endorsement from Vice President Joe Biden, $3.2 million raised in her principal campaign committee, and $1.6 million in TV ads from Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC. She was blown out by 13 percentage points despite predicting a toss-up.

Here in the Daytona Beach area, we have been running centrist candidates for Congress from out-of-town for decades, and losing, losing, losing. I’m a Florida native born in Daytona Beach who has lived here my whole life. I’m not well known and have little money, and I’ve only been running since January 2, 2020. Already, I have a team of volunteers excited about my candidacy and the opportunity for a real change in government. Up until mid-March, I attended over 30 events including Democratic meetings, festivals, home shows, college events, and parades, talking to hundreds of motivated voters and giving away thousands of business cards.

The incumbent has stepped up his appearances on Fox News and in West Volusia county where I live, and has started holding town hall meetings that he previously had shunned. People are not happy with him or Donald Trump’s “leadership”—even Republicans are airing their grievances about Mr. Waltz quite strenuously on social media, outnumbering favorable comments by a wide margin. At the same time, the Florida Democratic party and our local volunteers have been doing a tremendous job registering voters and emphasizing voting by mail, which is available to all Florida voters.

I went canvassing in Daytona Beach with our new chapter of the Blue Wave Coalition in early March. Floridians are livid, as are Americans, with Lyin’ Donald Trump, Moscow Mitch, and immense economic inequality. This is only worsening due to Trump’s colossal failure in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, which is hitting Florida particularly hard due to gubernatorial incompetence, tourism and our service economy, and our status as a retirement destination.

I believe we are now on the cusp of the greatest political and socio-economic upheaval of our lifetimes. Donald Trump co-opted the Republican party and radicalized the American people. His unprecedented incompetence, corruption, and petulance has exacted tremendous human, environmental, political, and economic tolls on the United States of America. Politically, 2020 will be the Great Democratic American Comeback, borne from the ashes of the failed, homicidally negligent, and completely discredited Republican party.

Please consider me for endorsement and support by Pete Buttigieg’s Win the Era PAC, and reach out if you would like more information.

Dr. Richard Thripp
Progressive Democrat for U.S. Congress (#FL6) | Twitter | Facebook | Calendar | Donate

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I just wrote to Pete Buttigieg for his new PAC asking for his endorsement.

Pete is a fan of Bernie but decided to be a moderate.

He loves “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco.

If you want to have high hopes, you start your negotiation from a STRONG position, which is universal healthcare for all, single-payer, with no deductibles, premiums, co-insurance, or co-pays. That’s where you START. You can move down from there, but you can’t move up if you set the bar low to start.

I am glad that Americans are becoming more favorable toward healthcare for all now.