Photo: Yellow Leaf

Yellow Leaf
A yellow leaf, partially eaten by bugs, lit by sunshine, floating on a background of dark green leaves, greatly out of focus.

I was walking around my yard and saw the sunshine hitting the leaf like this. It was quite dramatic because the background was so dark. I set my camera’s focus point to the center of the lens and shot this.

On the computer, I darkened the background and sharpened the leaf.


Canon Rebel XTi, EF 28-135mm, 1/160, F5.6, 132mm, ISO100, 2008-11-17T13:32:07-04, 20081117-183207rxt

Location: Thripp Residence, Ormond Beach, FL  32174-7227

Download the high-res JPEG or download the source image.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Credit me as Richard X. Thripp and link here.

4 thoughts on “Photo: Yellow Leaf

  1. very cool photo. I love the mood it evokes. Moving the ball to the brown grass was a great decision. I agree with classic games – be sure to exhibit your work area. One thing I don’t understand (and is probably because I don’t know enough about photography) is why you had to go with a 1/4000 shutter speed when you are using a 50 mm lens.

  2. Reminds me of The Natural (movie with Robert Redford). Loved it as a kid, although you might be too young to have heard of it. Simply because of the baseball, and beat-up look that suggests it is from another time, and the general atmosphere.

    That means the photo conveys something. Be sure to expose your work at your library when it opens. They will help make your library a big hit!

    1. I haven’t seen or heard of it. I will give out photos when I open my library. I gave a lot and had displays when I worked at the Holly Hill library (part of the Volusia County library system in my area). It was a hit!

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