Photo: Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the Future
This is a photo I took over three years ago of a bunch of electronics. I put this photo on deviantART in 2006 June.

I remember this being very hard to set up. I had a junky point-and-shoot with no ISO control, so I was stuck with about a 1/15 shutter speed. In one hand I held a spotlight while in the other I held the camera. It was hard to get a clear shot, and getting everything in frame took about two hours of moving things around.

The title is a joke. Most of the stuff in this photo is old, failed technology, that obviously won’t be in our future. Included: an AOL 3.0 CD, an SDRAM stick and an even older type of RAM, a PS/2 mouse with a bunch of old adapters, Nintendo e-Reader cards circa 2003, a VHS tape, 8mm Panasonic camcorder tapes, an onion, a fork, a Mattel JuiceBox, an HP LightScribe blank CD, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles folder, a Nintendo Zapper lightgun from the 1980s NES game Duck Hunt, a floppy disk, chopsticks, a calculator, a drawing I made of a water cup, a large audio jack, a shrimp flavor packet from ramen noodles, an old TracFone, red thumbtacks, an old sound card, a dial-up modem (PCI), a Dinacell battery (Duracell knockoff), lip balm, and a Kodachrome slide from the 1950s.

Fujifilm FinePix A360, 1/12, F2.8, 6mm, ISO100, 2006-06-14T21:39:02-04, 2006-06-15_01h39m02

Location: Thripp Residence, Ormond Beach, FL  32174-7227

Download the high-res JPEG.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please credit me as Richard Thripp.

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  1. Oh, they’re actually small objects! :shocked:

    I thpught I saw computer monitors and assumed the TMNT card was a poster…

    I have to come here more often, it’s refreshing 🙂 Gotta go for now but I’ll be back to check out the latest additions!

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