Photo: The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road
The road is long and winding… don’t you just want to jump over the fence and rest a minute in the grass? Or a day, or a week, or a year? That fence is there for a reason, No matter how long you stay, you know you eventually have to travel that road.

Editing on this involved burning the road and corners considerably, then adding contrast with the curves tool.

Canon Rebel XTi, EFS 18-55mm, 1/320, F5.6, 52mm, ISO100, 2008-07-13T12:43:32-04, 20080713-164332rxt

Download the high-res JPEG or download the source image.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please credit me as Richard Thripp.

33 thoughts on “Photo: The Long and Winding Road

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  3. Hey Richard!

    Really great raindrop pics, I would like to use them for a pdf brochure, of course I will credit you!

    Thanks from all the way down here in Mexico City! Cheers

  4. This is a great page. And the contents are really that worth reading. I will add this to my own library

  5. I wondered here after searching for some open source URL shrinking php code (you should develop a plugin for wordpress if you can), might get you some donations… You have some impressive skills for such a young lad, I presume you are late teens (not going from your personal photo).

    The photos are very good, I flicked through 10 to 15 of them. This one really caught my eye.

    I have a feeling you will do well in life; creative, logical, dedicated, entrepreneurial…


    1. Thank you! I hope so, I’m 17 by the way. is open-source but nothing for WordPress; you can always use <?php echo get_bloginfo(‘url’) . ‘/?p=’ . the_ID(); ?> for fairly short URLs.

      1. Thanks. I actually just want a personal url shorten facility of my own having just made a leap in to Twitter I thought it would be neat for my friends and myself to use.

        I have installed your and changed all the “” in the phps to “” and have a copy of your database structure behind it but can’t seem to get the thing working. It creates the short urls fine (although not without manually putting in the short url).

        – You mentioned that you need virtual subdomains, is that a CNAME thing. i.e. if I have * as a CNAME record would that do the trick, or is more than that?

        – Any ideas why it will not auto generate the short urls?

        Any clues? is just my playground, and a test area. I don’t intend using it at that domain.

        Any insight would be great.


        1. Wow, cool, you’re actually using it!

          It’s more than that; you have to add an entry to the httpd.conf Apache file.

          If you’re using cPanel, try adding a subdomain entry * with the path of the default directory. If Apache is configured to support this, you won’t have to touch any other files.

          Read these for more info:

          1. Hmmm.. I dont have access to Apache as I’m on DreamHost shared, the httpd.conf file is part of Apache which I don’t think I can change. I have the .htacces file from your files.

            The short urls now all forward on to my domain after a quick resave of the apache settings so it rebuilt the httpd.conf in the background (not that I can see it) so that all works fine now.

            I’ll keep searching around.


            1. the forward.php file does not seem to function / work or urls are simply not being sent to it from the .htaccess file I guess.

                1. Right I’m going to stop posting comments as I’m making a mess of your post.

                  Sorry. Delete if you like, it’s in the wrong place anyhow!


                  1. Sorted it, my stupidity. It was the .htaccess file, you might want to add this to your readme.txt:

                    2009-03-27: If you are using this code with a domain don’t forget to add the “” in the .htacccess file;

                    i.e. to

                    Have you ever had this error:

                    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bcadd() in /DOMAIN NAME/global.php on line 18

                    I’m getting that when I try to do the auto submit, It’s an adding function of some sort…

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  11. I find this photo very interesting because of the way the drops of water are. The B&W adds a great mood to the photo.
    I must say that the watermark does ruin the photo, IMO, but I understand why people do so and it’s still a great shot.

    1. Ruins it? Nah, it’s part of the scene. :wink2: I went back and changed it so it’s a bit less annoying, and using my new short URL, so take a look now. It’s not actually a watermark, because I give away everything as a stock resource, including Raindrops. Just personal branding.

      The look of the drops is what struck me right away on my LCD screen; a lot of the photos had mangled and ugly droplets, but not this one. This is really where black and white shines. Thanks for the feedback.

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