Photo: Squirrel Story

Squirrel Story
6 photos of a squirrel eating bread on a bench, the last being him running away with a piece of bread across the sidewalk… funny. 🙂

For editing, I processed the six separate images in Photoshop CS5, resized them to 1000×667 pixels, added a 4-pixel white border and 10-pixel black border around each image, and merged them together in PhotoFiltre Studio.

Canon Rebel XTi, EF 28-135mm,

Download the high-res JPEG or download the source images.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please credit me as Richard Thripp.

5 thoughts on “Photo: Squirrel Story

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  2. It’s so pretty, I like squirrel. Why on the first and on the last photo is the squirrel grey?

  3. OMG I LOVE IT!!! I’ve got a crazy little squirrel that comes in my front door every time I leave it open. He’ll creep across the living room, but as soon as we move, he screams back out the front door, sliding all over the place along the way. The last shot of yours of the little guy running away is absolutely classic.

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