Photo: Reading the Script

Reading the Script
Miss Criscilla, evaluating an important piece of paperwork over her cigarette break.

She was actually preparing for an exam in constitutional theory. This was ten minutes before that. I told her not to let me bother her, so I shot this portrait as she continued studying.

The building is interesting. The wall is all scuffed up, but I decided to include it in a full-body portrait instead of just her face. I like her shoes, and the overcast sky makes for good light.

I hope Criscilla passed her test; she had the material down. I don’t believe in being tested by others, but testing remains a staple of the college experience.

Canon Rebel XTi, EF 50mm 1:1.4, 1/800, F3.2, 50mm, ISO100, 2008-10-08T13:17:24-04, 20081008-171724rxt

Location: Daytona State College, 1200 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL  32114

9 thoughts on “Photo: Reading the Script

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    1. Wow, I didn’t know that’s what orange meant. Yellow is friendship, red is love, pink is attraction if I’m remembering correctly. Pretty pictures on your website.

  2. aiillllla what’s up richard doing greay :blindfold: 😉

    1. Been busy, but having lots of fun with school and my camera! Thanks for commenting. 😉

      One of the cool things I did recently, was I printed all my blog posts and put them in a three-ring binder by date. It’s a book, I swear! 400 and some pages. Cool stuff.

  3. Just a question here, but what type of camera do you use for these type of close up photos? I’ve been using my moms kodak digital camera and while it zooms pretty well, I can’t get this type of focus! Help!

    1. I use a Canon PowerShot A620 for macros like this; it’ll focus to one centimeter (four-tenths an inch). Your camera might too; look for a button with a flower icon on the camera, or if you can’t find one, search the manual for “macro mode.” You have to press that button when your subject is closer than about a foot from the camera.

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