Photo: Pink and Purple Sunset 2

Pink and Purple Sunset 2
A beautiful and colorful sunset from my back yard. I remember taking this when I was sick with a cold; I was too tired to walk down the road looking for an open area, so the sunset is occluded by trees and power lines. It’s still pretty good, though.

I added contrast to make this pop, and cloned out stray tree branches at the left.

Fujifilm FinePix A360, 1/20, F4.2, 12.9mm, ISO100, 2006-04-01T18:51:48-05, 2006-04-01_18h51m48

Download the high-res JPEG or download the source image.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please credit me as Richard Thripp.

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2 thoughts on “Photo: Pink and Purple Sunset 2

  1. I love most photos have have the color purple in them.

    My FujiFilm FinePix A330 camera finally broken for good – loved that camera! My sister just bought a Sanyo VPC-S1070 camera and I tested it out for a day – think I will get one too. It takes nice closeups for flowers and like the quality of the video clips too.

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