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Nemesis (Prose)

A mix of poetry and prose about a person or entity that seeks to limit the potential and happiness of another.

Written by Richard Thripp

I do not want you to think you are my sole focus
For you are but one of many
And this so weakens your resolve
For you see I am stretched so thin
Yet continuously destroy you

I am neither invincible nor omnipresent
It should be quite easy for you to defeat me
I would not crush you with overwhelming force
For hope is my greatest weapon

When you lose, I always want you to think it was by a tiny margin. That if only you would have tried a little harder, you would have succeeded as you desire. My goal is to make you despise yourself. To think that I am a part of you—your demon—your dark side. A part of you that should be suppressed or cut out. But in reality, we are quite separate. You are the gamemaster, but I must make you believe I am in control.

Your weakness is not that you are human. Not that you are flawed, hopeless, tragic, or star-crossed. Your weakness is that you have invited my interest, and it entertains me to torture your spirit, preferably over a long period of time and with many interludes. My greatest fear is that I would persecute you so much that you become extraordinary. I want you to have rest. My job is so much easier if you never see beyond the horizon.

How do I see you?
I see you as an individual of great potential
Of superior intellect and kindness
A person I would like to be
But I cannot have your soul
So I entice you to destroy it

My goal is not to make you think you are not special
But that you are special, yet nothing will come of it
I do not encourage you to forsake your ambitions
But to choose a path that would take 200 years to complete
Not because you have dreamed too big
But because you take a finite approach to an infinite world

Love to Give (Poem)

A poem about the limits of unrequited affection.

Written by Richard Thripp

I can’t make you want me
But I would if I could
I wish there was a way
To forget the truth about you
I chose to never be angry at you
But you just made me cry

I gave you everything
But you crushed my heart
How could I have been so naive?
I wanted to believe
That someday you would love me
But now I see
You never cared about me

Stand on my shoulders
And we will come crashing down
I don’t have the strength
To carry on without you
But I have the dignity
To not be your slave

You said you could never love
And still be free
You said you would never lie
You were just trying to be kind
Hope is like poison
Too sweet to let go

I thought the world of you
I wanted to make you proud
You knew I adored you
But you just took advantage
I can’t go on forever
Wasting my love on you
But before I run out of love to give
I will still love you