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Why Vote for Richard Thripp?

Here are a few reasons to vote for Richard Thripp on 8/18/2020 (Democratic primary) and 11/03/2020 (general election) for Florida’s 6th Congressional district (Volusia, Flagler, and parts of St. Johns and Lake counties), or by mail or early voting:

Photo of Richard Thripp

✔ Will fight for the Green New Deal to make better technologies cheap via scale
✔ Will fight for Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All to help all Americans
✔ Won’t cut Social Security
✔ A check on Donald Trump and the lawless Republicans
✔ Unlike other candidates, born in Daytona Beach and has always lived in the district
✔ Supports ending war and knows there is nothing to win in the Middle East
✔ Accomplished college instructor and financial educator who values education
✔ Will fight vested interests on the climate crisis to save Florida’s future
✔ Will expand the IRS with the resources to collect from high earners and big business
✔ Will not dial for dollars or be bought and paid for by anyone
✔ Will fight against corporate welfare, subsidies, and giveaways to the rich
✔ Constituent-focused and will open a district office in mid-town Daytona Beach

My Republican opponent:

✘ Has the “guts” to slash Social Security and Medicare
✘ Donald Trump’s favorite Congressman
✘ Supports endless and costly militarism in the Middle East and beyond
✘ Indebted to special interests and corporate donors such as NASCAR
✘ Lives in a different Congressional district
✘ Spews falsehoods about the “socialism” bogeyman
✘ Supports corporate welfare and giveaways to the rich (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act)
✘ Opposes women’s healthcare and choice
✘ Against expanding Medicaid and wants to repeal Obamacare

Download a printable PDF of the above list.

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Visit or mail your campaign contribution to:
Richard Thripp for Congress
ORANGE CITY FL 32763-6014

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On the Wawa Gas Station in Ormond Beach, FL, Slaughter of Oak Trees, True Costs of Environmental Damage, and Corporate Welfare

This is an email I wrote to Marty Price, President of the Ormond Beach Democratic Club, regarding a comment he made on the new Wawa gas station in Ormond Beach, FL and our recent radio appearances on Big John WELE AM 1380 THE CAT in Ormond Beach.

Nicely done, Marty! I listened to you on the air (1380 AM radio). I also called in before you went on and discussed my candidacy. I’ve copied a few people on this email and written a perspective you may not have thought of, below.

I will say one thing about when Ormond Beach Democratic Club president Marty Price said “we don’t need another gas station” on March 16, 2020 on WELE 1380 AM The Cat with Big John. (This is in regards to the new Wawa gas station on W. Granada Blvd. and Tomoka Ave. in Ormond Beach, FL.) When you say this, you’ll get pushback from Republicans and “free”-market advocates. They will say: Obviously we do need it, because Wawa has decided to put a gas station there and believes the free market demands it (i.e., it will be profitable). However, there is an excellent rebuttal to this argument. When Wawa slaughters 2,000 oak trees and doesn’t have to pay for it, they are receiving massive corporate welfare. They aren’t paying for the ecological, atmospheric, and environmental costs. They aren’t paying the correct amount for the damage they are doing, including increased taxpayer costs due to drainage issues on neighboring parcels.

The business of selling gasoline is further subsidized because there is a high cost in respect to CO2 emissions that is not priced in. ExxonMobil already did secret research on this decades ago and estimated, adjusted for inflation, that there would be a need for approximately a $75 per tonne carbon tax in present dollars. That’s 68¢ per gallon of gas that no one is paying. If Wawa had to pay the actual costs of putting a gas station in Ormond Beach, their calculus might change and they might not have done it.

Another thing not priced into our economy: The public and individual medical costs, as well as loss of life, due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). If Disney World and the proprietors of Bike Week had to pay the resultant medical costs due to being open for business, and for wrongful deaths that may ensue due to a growing pandemic that will strain our healthcare system resulting in triage of care, I can guarantee you they would have closed or canceled MUCH earlier. As Democrats, we are not asking for disastrous central planning and command-and-control economies. We advocate for well-regulated free markets, small businesses, capitalism, and American ingenuity, innovation, and hard work. We advocate for fairness. We need to end corporate welfare, subsidies, tax breaks, and privilege for large corporations and wealthy individuals. When Walmart’s employees receive food stamps and Medicaid, Walmart should pay for that.

Best regards,
Dr. Richard Thripp
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Idea for TV / Web Commercial Script

My idea for a TV or Web commercial script:

My name is Richard Thripp. I’m a husband, father, and teacher of our next generation of teachers. I was born in Daytona Beach, and I’ve lived here my entire life. In Congress, I will fight for you. I’ll fight to defend and expand Social Security and Medicare. I’ll fight the special interests to ensure America is getting its fair share of taxes from oligarchs and wealthy corporations. I’ll fight for a Green New Deal to revitalize and revolutionize our economy and leave a bright future for our children and grandchildren. This November, vote for a real change. Our economy isn’t working for you. Let’s put the American engine of diligence and ingenuity to work for Central Floridians, and for all Americans. Vote for Richard Thripp for Congress. My name is Richard Thripp, and I approve this message.

Endorsement of Universal Basic Income for All Americans

I’ve decided to support a universal basic income for Americans, as supported by Andrew Yang (i.e., Freedom Dividend), Elon Musk, and many others, and I’ve agreed to the UBI Caucus pledge to introduce UBI legislation immediately in the 117th Congress.

Please see my new Campaign Promises page which will be regularly updated.

Watch this video on the universal basic income to learn more.

The U.S. economy has a gross domestic product of $20 trillion per year and a UBI of $1,000 per month per adult would cost $2.4 trillion per year. Present federal spending is approximately $4.6 trillion per year, and federal income is approximately $3.6 trillion per year. We have crazy, insane wealth stratification that has worsened with laws that favor wealthy individuals and corporations. It is time for a change and this, along with my support for universal healthcare and a Green New Deal, are all investments in the American people as well as the world economy and the earth. Unlike corporate welfare, corporate share buybacks, mergers and acquisitions, and other giveaways for the rich, a UBI actually goes back into the economy via consumer spending and improved welfare for the 99%, bringing in taxes at local, state, and federal levels as well as reducing homelessness, poverty, health issues, and other disadvantages.

The UBI will be accompanied with an increased focus on financial education and outcomes at the K–12 and higher education levels as well as among working adults, and coupled with regulations that prevent big banks like Wells Fargo, payday lenders, et cetera from ripping off Americans.