Robbery, Lies, Race-Baiting, Trumpism, & Its Victims—Blacks, Seniors, the Disadvantaged—President Trump & Rep. Michael Waltz Must Go—Rise Up & Resist Before It’s Too Late—Vote Richard Thripp for Congress

Robbery, Lies, Race-Baiting, Trumpism, & Its Victims—Blacks, Seniors, the Disadvantaged—President Trump & Rep. Michael Waltz Must Go—Rise Up & Resist Before It’s Too Late—Vote Richard Thripp for Congress

May 9, 2020

The victims of Rep. Michael Waltz, President Trump, Trumpism, and the subjugation and perversion of the Republican party are numerous. Many victims are paying the ultimate price, after having been victimized so many times before. Hard-working families, including downtrodden people of color in midtown Daytona Beach, Eustis, DeLand. Seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities who are falling ill and dying from a cruel, capricious virus that could so easily have been subdued just 3 months ago. Aspiring homeowners in Deltona, barely scraping by trying to live the American dream—now facing unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, destitution, hunger, and homelessness, while being chided by monsters like Rep. Michael Waltz and Sen. Rick Scott for their sense of “entitlement” and “laziness.”

Rep. Michael Waltz, as instructed by his overlords, is going on an anti-Chinese anti-Asian race-baiting tour. Here are some actual quotes I transcribed watching Rep. Michael Waltz live on Fox News at 1:30 PM today, Saturday, May 9, 2020:

There’s over 400,000 Chinese students in our universities as we speak
The Chinese government forces them to vacuum up our technology
The other piece is actually recruiting American professors
These professors are taking hundreds of billions of dollars into their universities
And then going and moonlighting over at Beijing’s universities
My legislation seeks to stop both

Rep. Michael Waltz race-baiting on Fox News

This, of course, is deflection, propaganda, grand exaggeration by several orders of magnitude. I, Richard Thripp, am a Chinese American born in Daytona Beach whose mother fled China after Tiananmen Square. I’m a progressive Democrat. I’ll be Waltz’s only opposition on the ballot for Florida’s 6th congressional district on November 3, 2020. I know we can do so much better.

While working on my Education PhD at University of Central Florida, I met and worked with wonderful PhD students in our college and the College of Engineering and Computer Science from China, Nepal, Serbia, Turkey, and Iran. They are kind, caring people seeking a better life, solving important problems, working around the clock on their coursework, teaching, research, and dissertations. One fellow Chinese student, in particular, brought his wife and daughter here—and got separated when they returned to China at the onset of what would become the COVID-19 pandemic. When you ostracize and incite hatred toward international students, you hurt everyone. That’s not tough. That’s not leadership.

What is Waltz’s motivation?

Waltz is race-baiting, seeking to gin up support and curry favor with the Republican National Committee and other GOP funding groups that favor right-wing extremist rhetoric. Mentored by Vice President Dick Cheney, Waltz personifies everything that’s wrong with our country. He wants to move up, to be in charge of the Space Force—his carpetbagging “representation” of Florida’s 6th district is just a stepping stone—as is his bombastic and outlandish rhetoric.

He’s also deflecting. We have learned that a Republican strategy memo directs politicians to attack China and place all the blame on the Chinese for 80,000 COVID-19 deaths in the United States of America.

This, of course, is preposterous. Don’t worry—there’s plenty of blame to go around, including for China. Chinese citizens are primarily victims of an authoritarian regime which has significantly worsened under Chairman Xi. At the same time, in the USA the Trump administration’s malevolent incompetence, malfeasance, and corruption continues unabated.

Even now, Trump’s struggle against reality continues, and we are all victims of it. He fires scientists who tell the truth. Jared Kushner, a perennial crook and failure, has been put in charge—just one of many egregious examples of nepotism, cronyism, and corruption.

The entire world—for the first time—pities us. We have the best technology companies, unparalleled prosperity, tremendous resources and expertise, and we had plenty of warning time. We were uniquely positioned to contain COVID-19 early—yet we failed miserably, and the failure continues, day by day, as American corpses pile up. Instead of taking responsibility and showing decisive leadership, what we are getting from Trump and his coterie of Republican lackeys, including Rep. Waltz, is a whitewash filled with lies, deflection, and race-baiting.

Rep. Waltz caters to conspiracy theorists and people amenable to white supremacist rhetoric. Fawning commentators on his social media postings—a small, but clamorous group—feel a strong bond with Waltz for his anti-Chinese, pro-Trump, anti-minority, anti-“socialism” rhetoric. Waltz appears on small radio stations constantly, sometimes local, sometimes hundreds of miles from his district, peddling this garbage with hosts even more boorish than Rush Limbaugh. Nationally, he appears only on Fox News—Fox News–Fox News—incessantly—unceasingly—a poster boy for Trump and Trumpism, despite appearing in a PAC-funded attack ad to warn the American people about Donald Trump in 2016, saying “Don’t let Trump fool you. Look into his real record, and stop Trump now.” Our memory is very short, and scarcely anyone notices or cares.

There’s the track baby. Daytona 500. Air Force One, buzzing the towers. That’s America. Air Force One, buzzing the towers, Daytona 500.” That’s Rep. Waltz on February 16, 2020, flying up with Trump on Air Force One (he’s Trump’s favorite congressman) from Mar-a-Lago on their way to Washington, DC, to appear at NASCAR’s Daytona 500 race at the Daytona International Speedway, triumphantly “exonerated” in his senatorial “trial.” “Four more years!” they chanted at Trump’s ridiculous State of the Union address less than a fortnight before. This was the high water mark for Trump, Trumpism, and all his coattail-riding nincompoop followers like Rep. Waltz, Governor DeSantis, and so many others.

The people of Florida’s 6th congressional district deserve so much better. Vote Richard Thripp as a Democrat in the August 18, 2020 primary and vote Joe Biden and Richard Thripp on November 3, 2020. In fact, vote early—sign up to vote by mail if you haven’t already. Floridians have lost countless lives and over $56 billion from our Republican “leaders” refusing to expand Medicaid, but I have a plan to get it done. I’ll fight for better jobs and a bigger social safety net for real people like you—not plutocrats celebrating Republican robbery, popping champagne bottles by the pool while Americans suffer and die en masse:

A New York Times report says the estimated cost of the change over 10 years is $170 billion.

One real estate mogul told me that he cracked open the champagne beside the pool the day the CARES Act was passed by Congress.

“Some people are going to get very rich out of this.”

Remember, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Michael Waltz chide you for laziness. They want you to beg for crumbs like unemployment benefits, economic impact payments, and PPP loans—and to feel ashamed for receiving anything. Meanwhile, these same Republican “leaders” insisted on a $170 billion giveaway to the rich in the CARES Act, a gift of $1.6 million per capita to 43,000 American millionaires, and countless trillions more in corporate welfare and “socialism” for the rich who need it least.




They want us divided, fighting each other instead of uniting against them.

Don’t let them win. We must be unified. We must focus on the big fish.

Vote like your life depends on it—because it does.

If we let Republicans lie, rob, and cheat their way to victory in 2020, there won’t be an America left to fight for.

When their done killing our countrymen and raping and pillaging our country, there will be nothing left.

Vote Richard Thripp for Florida’s 6th congressional district.


If you can afford to, donate today.

Thank you for reading.

Richard Thripp is endorsed by Volusia for Bernie and Our Revolution: Volusia

Dr. Richard Thripp is a 28-year-old husband, father, and university instructor who is running for Congress as a progressive Democrat in Florida’s 6th district which centers around Daytona Beach, where Richard was born and raised. He advocates for expanding Medicaid as a step toward Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and a universal basic income. Richard has a team of volunteers behind him to flip the 6th district blue, which suffers widespread poverty, low-wage jobs, and a tenuous tourism economy that has been left behind by Republican leadership.

Richard is endorsed by Volusia for Bernie and Our Revolution: Volusia and has joined Bernie Sanders in endorsing Joe Biden for President of the United States.

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