Official Richard Thripp for Congress Campaign Announcement Email!

We sent this email out on May 6, 2020 to over 13,000 registered Democrats in Florida’s 6th district as an official campaign kick-off email.

Thank you all for your support, and to my volunteer Campaign Manager Emily Humphrey for designing/developing our new website,, and doing the technical work to make this possible! Great things are ahead.

We’ve had a great response to this announcement. Although we’ve suggested a $6 contribution for the 6th district, in the past 2 days we’ve had donations of $10, $25, $50, and $100 come in, as well as monthly recurring donations for $10 and $12, from voters all around the district. Thank you so much!

I am not taking a salary, and everyone is a volunteer in this campaign. We are not hiring consultants or paying for expensive software or platforms. We are investing when it’s needed, but we’re being very frugal about it and doing a lot with just a little. Your contribution is guaranteed to go far in the Richard Thripp for Congress campaign.

Image of Richard Thripp for Congress Campaign Announcement

Dear friend,

These are troubling times, and the Government has failed you. With an uncertain future in environmental protection, health care, and the economy, we can’t afford inaction anymore. You deserve a leader who’ll fight for our community and solve the problems we face every day.

My name is Richard Thripp, and I am asking for your support. We stand on the cusp of a generational election that’ll shape our community forever. My experience in finance and education means I have the skills to right the ship.

I cannot do this without you, however. Politics is a group activity, and it takes a community to demand the change they need. I promise you — I won’t be caught unprepared. If you can match my fervor with a donation of $6 for the 6th district, we can start this campaign off right.

Thank you,
Richard Thripp
Democratic Candidate for Congress in Florida’s Sixth District

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