Remarks on Filing Your IRS Federal Income Tax Return for Free and My Plans to Expand the IRS and Offer Free Pre-Filled Tax Filing

From my recent tweets:

When filing your federal income taxes for FREE this year, check criteria and click through here:

Many use TurboTax, which is still pulling the same stunt as in prior years: You MUST click through the above page or else they’ll force you to pay at the end.

In Congress I will push to greatly increase the IRS’s staffing and funding as well as fund modernizing their computer systems. Tens of $$$ billions a year are going uncollected due to inability to enforce tax laws against the well-heeled.

I will support the IRS offering its own FREE online tax filing service that auto-fills forms based on W2, 1099, and other data the IRS already receives. This will save lots of $$$ and aggravation for Americans and IRS agents in the long run! See also: NPR: Bill Would Ban IRS From Creating Free Electronic Tax Filing System

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