Medicare for All is Impossible… Until it Isn’t

Bernie Sanders is the best candidate. He has a big base and his supporters are electrified. His policies are progressive and will really help Americans. We’ve been talking about single-payer healthcare for decades with no action. Everyone says no, it can’t be done, it’s foolish, it’s unrealistic… until it isn’t. They said the same thing about declaring independence, abolition, trans-continental railroad, women’s suffrage, prohibition (beginning and ending), Civil Rights Act, desegregation, moon landing, eradicating smallpox, black president, gay marriage, orange president, you name it. The naysayers will always naysay (haters gonna hate as Taylor Swift says), and they are often wrong… and AFTER we get Medicare for All and the Green New Deal they will change their tune and pretend they “knew” it was coming all along.

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