Letter to Michael Waltz Regarding His Comments on the State of the Union Address

Letter to Michael Waltz Regarding His Comments on the State of the Union Address

February 4, 2020

Dear Rep. Waltz,

Limbaugh is pro-rape and the medal insults the legacy of MLK, Rosa Parks, and many others.

People are off welfare because they’re being booted off but they are still struggling.

You, Michael Waltz, said in 2016 that we need to stop Trump and look into his record.

We have corporate welfare, massive deficits and giveaways to the rich, and a corrupt and incompetent administration.

Mitch is blocking HUNDREDS of bills in the Senate.

Trump said the unemployment numbers were phony under Obama, failing to tell the real story of American carnage, but now somehow they are the gold standard?

Our planet is on fire. Republicans’ climate denialism and subsidies toward fossil fuels will kill more humans in the long run than died in the Holocaust.

Donald Trump is a New York former Democrat who was pro-choice and for strong gun regulations. He saw an opportunity, changed his tune, co-opted the Republican party, and radicalized the American people.

Mr. Waltz, I respectfully suggest you become a Democrat immediately. Jeff Van Drew switched parties recently (but went backwards).

Richard Thripp, Ph.D.
Democratic Candidate for Florida’s 6th Congressional district


There is also Congressman Justin Amish who switched from being a Republican to an independent in July 2019. This would be more realistic for Mr. Waltz than becoming a Democrat. Mr. Waltz already is somewhat progressive on some issues, such as funding education in Afghanistan, adding Puerto Rico as a state, and other positions that upset Trump’s base.

Those who say the left is turning us into a “socialist” disaster can be easily trolled: As we all know, the real job of government is to provide unlimited amounts of privilege, giveaways, and welfare to the rich and to large corporations.

A favorite talking point of climate deniers is that the earth changes on its own so humans aren’t to blame. But, human emissions outstrip natural events by orders of magnitude. Going from ~ 300 to 414 ppm CO2 this quickly has never occurred in millions of years!

Many of Mr. Waltz’s PAC donors are airlines, sugar industry, military contractors, and others who love being able to emit greenhouse gases and other ecological damage without having to pay for it.

Wow, look at all that PAC money (click the screenshot below for a high-resolution version in a new browser tab or window). Michael Waltz must sure be sweet because big sugar loves him. These big companies are so charitable and generous and surely have nothing to gain. Nothing to see here!

Waltz PAC Money 2020 Q4

Vote Richard Thripp for #FL06 — A vote for my opponent is a vote for special interests.

Response to the PAWS Act to provide service animals to returning veterans:

This is nice but it’s like the human interest stories on the news. Our planet is on fire, wealth inequality is so big it’s like feudal times, we have an out-of-control dangerous and incompetent administration enabled by the GOP, we are running massive and unnecessary budget deficits, we have a Senate majority leader who stonewalls tons of legislation, and we have the PAWS act to distract us.

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