Comments to Republicans on Wealth Inequality and Corporate Welfare

My comments in response to Republicans for Trump, critical of welfare queens, who say people need to work hard to succeed, and who say Bernie Sanders wants to give everything away for free and ruin our country. (Mostly white seniors saying this, while on Medicare, Social Security, and having grown up in a different economy that was more favorable in several key ways.)

We have the greatest wealth inequality since the 1920s and the American dream is dead for many. Look outside your bubble a little bit. I’m not saying the economy isn’t strong but it’s not working for everyone and Trump is pouring gasoline on it with $1 trillion deficit spending per year and pushing the Federal Reserve for rock-bottom interest rates. It won’t last forever.

The 52% proposed tax is fake news. Bernie has proposed this tax bracket on the portion of income above $10 million per year or $20 million if married.

If you want to look at freeloaders look at your mega-wealthy and big corporations. They make the food stamps look like scraps. Under the new Republican tax law the top 379 profitable corporations paid 11.3%, not 21%. These are just profitable corporations. Others, like Amazon for many years, keep expanding or use tricks to appear unprofitable and pay a 0% federal corporate income tax rate.

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