Statement on Amazon Gift Card New Thefts of $100,000+; Proposal for Federal Escheatment

I am currently in communication with two customers Amazon recently banned and stole $100,000+ of gift card balance from. Yes, these customers may have been receiving kickbacks via Amazon GC to evade income tax, but this money belongs to the IRS, not Amazon. When will it end?

How about FEDERAL ESCHEATMENT of confiscated and stale Internet gift card balances under the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution? REMOVE the incentive for Amazon to steal gift cards by requiring they turn the funds over rather than padding their stock price.

Federal escheatment will cut red tape for small businesses on the Internet who don’t have the resources to set up a subsidiary in an escheatment-free state and deal with escheating unclaimed gift cards to each customer’s state of residence for customers with addresses on file.

Some people are confused thinking that I boycott Amazon. I shop on Amazon and even invest in their stock. It’s not like I have access to some magical S&P499 index fund that omits Amazon.

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