2 thoughts on “Amazon Resolution

  1. Hey Richard,

    I have a few questions for you:

    1. Did amazon reinstate your account?

    2. Through what payment method did amazon refund you by?

    3. After reaching a resolution how long did it take to receive the refund?

    1. The resolution was reached via negotiation with Amazon’s legal counsel, and the settlement was issued by check from their legal counsel, which was received very quickly. A few days later, my account was suspended again, which is what Amazon’s Executive Customer Relations team said would happen. Unfortunately I must not reveal details of the settlement due to a confidentiality clause.

      As far as I know, I am permanently banned from using any Amazon services in any way—I will never be able to shop on Amazon again. However, this situation has not changed (except briefly when I was offered the opportunity to spend the gift card balance or ask for a check), and has been this way since August 2015. Like any merchant, it is within Amazon’s rights to permanently ban customers.

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