January 2016 Update on My Case Against Amazon.com, Inc.

Update on my case against Amazon.com, Inc. Here is a message I sent to consumer advocate Christopher Elliott on 1/22/2016 via http://elliott.org/helphttp://elliott.org/help:

Amazon.com banned my customer account in August 2015, with a gift card balance of $451.20. They also banned my Local Register account with a balance of $38.02. They won’t explain their reasons, and they’ve said their decision to retain my gift card balance is valid and final, on record to the BBB, the Florida AGO, and Washington AGO. I didn’t do anything shady or illegal on my accounts.

I wrote a letter to their legal department on October 2015, and the case was referred to Stoel Rives, LLP. The lawyer, Vanessa Soriano Power, from Stoel Rives, sent me a letter saying Amazon desires to discuss reaching a resolution with me. Her receptionist scheduled a phone call for 10/30/2015. After telling Ms. Power she was on a recorded line, she ended the call and never responded to further emails or calls.

I filed a small claims suit against “JEFFREY PRESETON BEZOS – C.E.O. OF AMAZON.COM, INC.” in Volusia County, FL on 1/08/2016, Case No. 2016 30054 COCI, for the amount of $492.94, which includes $3.72 for me to return a rented textbook that they would not provide a return shipping label for.

The Amazon.com legal department in Seattle, WA refused to accept the summons, because paralegal Adrian Garver told King County Sheriff detective Alan Kelley on 1/13/2016 that the legal department is “not authorized to accept service on behalf of any employee” and that the suit “must list Amazon.com, Inc.” If this is true, I am unable to serve on “JEFFREY PRESETON BEZOS – C.E.O. OF AMAZON.COM, INC.” and would have to spend another $90.00 filing a new small claims suit!

My pretrial conference is set for 2/02/2016, and will most likely be canceled by me or thrown out since I wasn’t able to serve Amazon.com, Inc. with the summons.

As a customer banned for life, I am unable to log into my Amazon.com, Inc. account. When I returned my rented textbook, I included a copy of the order email in the box, since I couldn’t print the regular return form from my account. Even though I have confirmation the book was received by Amazon on 12/15/2015 (and it was due 12/19/2015), they continue sending me threatening emails indicating my textbook is overdue and that I need to log into my Amazon.com, Inc. account and update my credit card information so they can charge me the buyout price!

Is there anything Elliot can do to help? Consumer protection agencies and the courts have proved ineffective, at least for this college student with his limited understanding of law.


Amazon should pay the $492.94 they owe me, the $90.00 fee for my small claims suit and summons, and the $65.00 fee for King County Sheriff Civil Process Unit to attempt to serve them. That is a total of $647.94. I have not at any time sought treble or punitive damages. Amazon.com, Inc. should also cease collection activities relating to my textbook which I have already returned.

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