Love to Give (Poem)

A poem about the limits of unrequited affection.

Written by Richard Thripp

I can’t make you want me
But I would if I could
I wish there was a way
To forget the truth about you
I chose to never be angry at you
But you just made me cry

I gave you everything
But you crushed my heart
How could I have been so naive?
I wanted to believe
That someday you would love me
But now I see
You never cared about me

Stand on my shoulders
And we will come crashing down
I don’t have the strength
To carry on without you
But I have the dignity
To not be your slave

You said you could never love
And still be free
You said you would never lie
You were just trying to be kind
Hope is like poison
Too sweet to let go

I thought the world of you
I wanted to make you proud
You knew I adored you
But you just took advantage
I can’t go on forever
Wasting my love on you
But before I run out of love to give
I will still love you

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