Update for February 2014

It has been 8 months since I posted on Thripp.com. I updated the site to WordPress 3.8 (was on 3.5) and the theme to 2014 (was 2011). I am going to start using this site again, since it seems pretty important to my professional development to have a current website, even though Facebook works pretty well for many purposes.

I am graduating from University of Central Florida with my B.S. in Psychology in May 2014. I mentioned being engaged in my post from June 2013, but it didn’t work out and we broke up, so I won’t be moving to the Bay Area of California. (Updated 2014-03-07) I applied to two graduate programs but did not get accepted to either, despite having excellent grades and GRE scores.

I have been photographing birthday parties lately, and working on other hobbies such as piano and personal stuff.

Lately I have had some interesting ideas for articles to write, so I may start writing again like I did in 2008 – 2011.

I am also using deviantART again and you can see some of my new photos there.

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