March 26, 2012 Update

I’ve updated the gallery with descriptions for each photo and links to each photo’s post under the thumbnails on the gallery pages. I added ten photos I posted on deviantArt several months ago, including many of the Golden Gate Bridge from my visit to San Francisco in June 2011. I also added five new photos yesterday of some leaves and nature scenes I took recently.

These photos also appear on (my old site) since I am posting them there and pulling the data to display descriptions and titles here, but when you click the post titles on the old site they redirect here. Though the gallery is one page, photos have virtual pages like through some WordPress modifications I found here. I edited the comments section to allow comments on individual photos and redirect to the correct one after posting a comment, and I edited the comments RSS feeds to include the title of the photos commented on and have the correct links. I also imported all 724 comments on photos from the old site, and edited the home page to display the last five photos below my most recent post. Finally, I moved all the stock files and source files to MediaFire and added redirects for all the files there with the Redirection plugin.

I changed the theme header to show the twenty photos from my 2011 portfolio on all my websites. I was using 000webhost to host, but my site was disabled with the message “Suspended (Suspended for violating 20%+ CPU usage limit for more than 1000 times. Please upgrade to our premium UNLIMITED hosting at to get your account reactivated.)” two weeks ago, so I moved to SYN Hosting, a host I used several years ago based in Canada. I’ve left the other sites on 000webhost, but will be careful to make frequent backups because they delete all your files and databases when they suspend an account. My first three months with SYN Hosting are free and then it will be $9.95 per month.

Since SYN Hosting supports virtual subdomains, I moved (a URL shortener) there and restored all 25 million short URLs, most of which are spam unfortunately. I disabled adding new short URLs on May 17, 2011 and am not planning to change this, but at least there will no longer be dead links floating around on Twitter. The database takes up 3.2 GB of space, using up over half of the 6 GB that SYN Hosting provides, so I will be hosting most large files on MediaFire instead of here.

My next steps will be taking new photos and making modifications to the theme.

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